Use of on-line materials and notebooks

A  students’ group  from  the Secondary School Marcos Zaragoza  with their teacher Olalla Cerdà  are working  in the Compass project  but at the same time, they are taking part  in […]

COMPASS at Edinburgh Physics Festival

Hatice Kermaci and Gul Karaevli teachers from Arnavutkoy Korkmaz Yigit Anadolu Lisesi, Istanbul, have presented COMPASS project by means of a poster in Edinburgh Physics Festival. Edinburgh Physics Festival has […]

COMPASS at innovative schools Conference at Alacant University

Olalla Cerdà & Josefa León from IES Marcos Zaragoza (La Vila Joiosa) presented COMPASS project at the Conference of innovative schools held in Alacant University. More than 200 teachers […]

COMPASS Development Meeting

COMPASS partners gathered together in Bayreuth (Germany) in a meeting organised by the Center for Mobile Learning of Bayreuth University. The aim of the meeting was to analyse the project […]

Kickoff Meeting in La Vila Joiosa

A group of 15 European teachers and educators have gathered at the Hotel Allon in La Vila Joiosa at the COMPASS project KICK OFF meeting coordinated by IES Marcos Zaragoza. […]

COMPASS is an ERASMUS KA2 project (2016-1-ES01-KA201-025485),its vision is that committed teachers, with convenient support from research institutions, are able to build elearning materials for innovative practices. These materials will […]