A consortium has been built creating synergies between the field of research (2 Universities),  education (4 schools) and innovation  (1 edutech SME).

-Two  Universities:
Chair of Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics (Bayreuth University, Germany)
Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (Maribor University, Slovenia)
Both will create the background research upon the project will be built. Moreover they will ensure that the project will extend their influence beyond  classroom by influencing  policies on school education and teacher training at European level.

– Four schools,  from four countries: IMZ (IES Marcos Zaragoza. Spain) + LDC (Liceul Teoretic “Dimitrie Cantemir” Romania) + KYAL (Arnavutkoy Korkmaz Yigit Anadolu Lisesi , Turkey) + VSSCTS (Vocational Secondary School of Computer Technologies and Systems, Bulgaria)
Its contribution ensures that the project will be firmly connected with the everyday reality of the school life. They are all secondary schools with different profiles. Two of them (IMZ & VSSCTS) teach secondary education and vocational studies, whereas their participation in the project is based on its secondary branch, it is expected that the vocational branch will benefit also. The other two  (LDC & KYAL) teach lower and higher secondary school students.

– One startup edu-tech SME (BNedu Ltd, Spain)
It puts the consortium in contact with the modern entrepreneurial world.  Its main role is to complement the rest of the partners. On the one hand, BNedu will try to create innovative solutions derived from the Universities research results. On the other hand, BNedu will try to assist  schools in technology-based issues on implementing  the developed innovative approaches.  It will run the project  server  where schools will host their courses and will develop on demand  simulations to be integrated in courses.